Social Media Management vs Social Media Marketing



Social Media is the latest channel for mass communications. It is an ever-growing list of platforms with limitless possibilities on how to develop strategies and produce content across the board. Once brands understand the importance of social media and what it does for their position in the market, executives must distinguish social media marketing from social media management. Social media marketing is the ability to convey brand messages to an online community to generate leads. Social media management is a company’s ability to manage all content displayed across social media platforms.


Before social media existed, there wasn’t a need to manage or market online. Now that there are endless platforms available within the online market and producing content online, proper management and a good marketing strategy are essential. Most social media marketers offer social media management as an additional service. Social Media Marketing is normally more extensive than Social Media Management. Once your social media marketing strategy has been produced, then that strategy should be managed over time. It is easier to manage your social media with management tools available.

Social Media Management should be incorporated into your marketing strategy. Your brand voice will remain consistent, strong, and develop over time with the proper management. Do you know of any useful social media management tools that aren’t listed below?:

[] Hootsuite

[] Canva

[] Sprout Social

[] Hub Spot

[] Marketing Cloud

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